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If you are like me, you would be interested to know about me to be sure whether you are visiting a real person or a faceless digital name?

My name is Saqib Ali Ateel. Turning to fifty and performing as a public servant for the last twenty-six years. Having a quite diversified academic career, I was honored with Master and Bachelor degrees in literature and law, respectively. I was lucky to secure a scholarship to master the management sciences from LKY Singapore &  HKS Harvard, USA. Presently, I am studying fervently about organic foods, their impacts on health, and the environment. I have just got a certification on completing an online course from Stanford University through Coursera.

Food and Health Certification

Please don’t take the above as an attempt to impress you. I am humbly trying to meet demands of various transparency laws and digital platforms like Google, Facebook, etc. 

I was born in a small village. My grandfather was a proud farmer on his little holding in Pakistan. In my teens, I started to help him in farming and livestock handling. He was a faithful believer that synthetic fertilizers and pesticides were neither good for the health of humans nor the livestock. He always used organic fertilizers for crops to be consumed by the people or the animals. He was not alone. Majority of farmers had the same views then. 

My father also continued like that, but I could not stick with this tradition after their deaths. My academic and professional lives and digitized speed of life events changed a lot of my food habits and lifestyle. Fast food entered our lives on weeks if not twice a week. Still, we as a family continued to depend mainly on the home-cooked diet. 

Thanks to my wife for cooking so good!

Saqib Ali Ateel

My food habits and lifestyle let my weight gain, high cholesterol, and related troubles. In March 2019, I attended a lecture delivered by Dr. Shagufta Feroz at National Management College, Lahore. She has been a nationally recognized holistic family physician and nutritionist. Her specialty is to propose diet plans according to your favorite foods. 

During her lecture, she discussed organic food favorably, including vegetables and meat. Her Q&A session reminded me of guidance and precautions that my grandfather used to give me regarding organic food for humans and animals. I also recalled his food choices, natural treatment of grains and fodders. 

On completing my training at NMC, I rushed to pick a copy of her book, “Living as Nature intended.” By the end of this book, I was feeling a lot of love for my deceased grandparents, respect for their pieces of advice, and desire to know more on organic foods.  I spent the next many months going through everything came before me on websites, Facebook, YouTube, and books. Even I undertook courses on “Food & Health” from Stanford University, USA. 

Soon I discovered:

• Brand new studies regarding organic foods and their impacts on human health and the environment.

• Shocking researches regarding effects of conventional farming on biodiversity and ecosystem

• Complicated jargon and long scientific details that everyone is not comfortable to read through and interpret. 

• Over-generalized information with misleading opinions

• Dangerous and false recommendations for various supplements which can be hazardous for liver and other vital body organs

• I also witnessed wars of words between supporters of organic and conventional foods

However, most of the data were either scattered or twisted to support a particular food industry; organic or conventional. This led me to go deep on food and health. Ultimately, I decided to launch this website with the one-liner goal:

PrefOrganic.com shall provide “Simplified, and research supported information to the visitors interested and preferring organic foods, for one reason or the other. I ensure correctness of the content within my limits.

However, you are going to be the best judge whether I am successful to convey some meaningful information or not. Being a student of organic food, I shall welcome any suggestion to improve this website, content quality and the information provided here. Please contact here.

Thanks to Stay Here!

Saqib Ali Ateel

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