The Simplest Path for a Healthy Life Passes Through Organic Food While Protecting Your Environment!

Organic food is no more a lifestyle of bourgeois but has become mainstream. However, the conventional food industry experts claim that quantities of insecticides and pesticides in food can't harm you and me.

What about snakes?

Organic Food Praxis

This cobra is one of the reasons why do I prefer organic food over conventional one. 


I will show you in just a minute.

I remember the day when the first time I realized the harms that insecticides and pesticide could cause to other forms of life than insects and pests. I'm going to share this snake story with you now, to tell you why this black was I convinced to prefer organic food over the conventional one. 

I remember it was a Friday early night in the last September. The Sun had set down a couple of hours earlier. It was completely dark outside. I was sitting in my several decades-old constructed study room in my village and reading the story of Santiago from Ernest Hemingway's famous novel "The Old Man and the Sea."

Suddenly, my eyes detected some movement at the open outside door. I raised my head from the book and saw a black cobra creeping into room and hiding in a sidewall hole. The little crack seemed to a house of some mice but forcefully captured by the snake. I was horrified. I couldn't finish the novel without getting rid of the snake.

I called my attendant, who brought a stick and a little spray pump containing some crop insecticide. He sprayed inside the hole. After a couple of minutes, the snake came out of the hole comatose. It was no more a danger to handle a cobra. The insecticide had paralyzed him.

Not only that, you might have seen many birds dying after spraying the crops. You might have heard of people suffering from the harmful effects of insecticides and pesticides while handling them carelessly. It has been established worldwide that little quantities of applied poisons found in food are dangerous for babies.

It is not surprising that more and more people are preferring organic food over the conventional one though the preceding one is a bit costlier.

Ever-Expanding Demand for Organic Food

Presently, more than 180 countries are growing organic food, and the United States has witnessed an unprecedented sale of Organic food raging to $52.00 billion, which is a rise of 6.3% from the previous year. The organic foods in shelves are getting more eyes every passing moment.

The organic farming industry is adding more money, effort, and land to meet the escalating demand for organic food. According to FiBL-IFOAM-SOEL-Survey 1999-2019, in 1999, only 11 million hectares were under organic food, which has increased to 75 million hectares, and it is going to expanding in the coming days.

You may have various questions regarding organic food like:

1-  What are the nutritional differences between organic and conventional foods?

2-  What are the scientific proofs behind the importance of organic foods?

3-  Why are organic foods considered safer for babies?

4-  How to purchase organic food at lower prices?

5-  What lifestyle steps are required to get the maximum benefits from the organic produces?

6-  How can organic food feed the world?

7-  What are tasty organic food recipes for babies, toddlers, and adults?

8- How organic food sustains biodiversity for food and agriculture at various Ecosystem and genetic levels?

9-  And many more…

This personal site is just a little effort on my part to respond to some of your concerns. I am an organic food passionate lover, so I am going to dedicate this website to you and other visitors sharing the same preference for food or looking to discover or share something new about organic food.

You are welcome here. There is a lot of space to criticize our ideas and suggestions but decently.

Spend some time here, and you will benefit somewhat. Start from the left-side navigation and the links scattered at different pages.  Consequently, you may read some simple and straight to the point information about organic food.

Content 2 & Facebook commenting plugins have been added to some pages to hear your stories and receive your comments and suggestions. You are welcome with your opinions and views. We respect your opinion, how much different that may be. 

Best of Luck!

Saqib Ali Ateel, MPM, LKY School of Public Policy Singapore & Harvard Kennedy School, USA

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