Not just a casual observer!

by Roger
(Managua, Nicragua)

Deep Sight

Deep Sight

I am a 73-year-old man who has learned through observation (repeatedly) over many years that all man made chemicals (synthetic) are not for health but are for the replacing of the natural order of created life for the glory and profit of man and for total control by population reduction, and enslavement of those that survive their onslaught against humanity.

In these last days this is proven by sheer innumerable undeniable facts that points to the world wide premeditated plandemic instigated by a global cartel of lying criminals with tremendous wealth that have gained power over nearly all governments, all mainstream media, industrial/military complexes, DOD, WHO, CDC, CIA, FBI, CFR, FDA, NIH, NIAID, and countless more.

A few of the innumerable facts are listed here:

The Pandemic COVID-19 has never been shown to be from a virus? SarsCov2. That is any sample was taken from an infected person, and that virus(?) was isolated in pure form and was given and taken by a healthy person and that person was infected with SarsCov2 virus?
Beginning in mid 2020 to today over 200 FOIA requests have been sent to different agencies the WHO, CDC, NIH, FDA, many HHS, major hospitals, and scientists in Canada, the USA, UK, Europe and other places around the world and their answers all came back stating they have No Data to give.

*Only 4 papers were published have been given from the CCP Chinese Communist Party supposedly having data showing the virus(?) to have been purified and given to a healthy person and was infected by the virus. But was found to be flawed because each paper had skipped one or more of the six purification steps needed to verify proof.*

ÀLL of the mandated lockdowns, social distancing, and mask wearing has no concrete evidence for health, but has resulted in multiple deaths by suicide, mental instability/trauma outnumbering all official deaths of COVID-19. Which by the way the Globalists knew would be the sociological outcome of these mandates to a great degree as all this was preplanned decades before.

Undercover investigative journalists, whistleblowers and scientists all over the world have gathered documents and videos showing the Covid was not from the wet market at Wuhan, China, but was released from the Wuhan level 4 bioweapon lab outside the Wuhan city.
Other journalists and whistleblowers have come across the corruption of the 4 pharmaceutical companies that they are using the mRNA spike protein in the falsely called Covid vaccine that are killing and injuring millions of people.
There's evidence from independent sources that know the vaccine was in the making beginning from 2002 when the first patent was filed on it. Since then there now is 62 patents up to 2019 that are own by DOD, Dr Fauci of the NIH, different patents are own by Moderna, Pfizer and others.

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