#1 Quick Weight Loss Tip: Study to Prove Shedding Off 2 Pounds Weight Within 14 Days?

This Quick Weight Loss Tip Neither Includes Fasting Nor Relentless Exercises

When your body needs more nutrients, mineral, proteins, fats, etc., you crave for foods which contain these essentials. Various parts of your body release hormones either on meals or during fasting. 

Hormones regulate our body homeostasis as they have been doing for centuries in our predecessors. The scientists and nutritionists have identified at least four hormones so far, which control your appetite or satiety in one way or the other. When you start listening and interpreting these signals, you start managing your weight consciously. 

HormoneSourceCirculation LevelSignalsImpact
Peptide YYSmall IntestineReleases to MealsSuppresses HungerWeight Loss
GhrelinStomachHigh (less weight)Increases HungerWeight Gain
  low (obesity)Suppresses HungerWeight Loss
LeptinFat CellsHigh Suppresses HungerWeight Loss
  LowIncreases HungerWeight Gain
AmylinPancreasHighFound in obese people 
  LowFound in Weight controlled

These hormones work in coordination to regulate our food intakes. They either suppress or increase hunger as per our body type and situation. They send signals to our brains and bodies to respond as per body needs. However, we often fail to listen or interpret these signals effectively to be sick or obese. 

Why Insatiable Craving?

Our modern lifestyle may be counted as the number one reason behind our failure to listen to these body signals. Our busy schedules, traveling time, family, and social life doesn’t spare us much time to go for healthy foods. The tasty processes meals are not only fast but also cheaper. 

Consequently, we go for fast food, which our genes and hormones have not been familiar with. This does not satiate our craving for natural foods, containing required nutrients, minerals, amino acids, etc.

Lipton, one of the hormones above is an exciting discovery as it is released when we no more need food intake. However, extra fats and fast food make us Leptin-resistant, and we fail to respond to our body needs. 

Dr. Shagufta Feroz points out in her book, Living as Nature Intended (page 66):

“There is a fine line between fueling dietary addictions and just following dietary intuition. Craving is a natural compensatory phenomenon; therefore, you will only crave for natural foods. Many diseases disrupt important food craving biorhythm, and sick people start craving for unhealthy foods. Addictive craving can be for processed foods, sugars, drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol.”

In May 2016, a team of six experts conducted a study on 20 volunteers (equal males & females) of almost the same age, weight, and health. Divided them into two groups. They fed one group with processed foods while others with unprocessed foods. There was no quantity limitation. 

After observing them for fourteen days, the food was interchanged for the next two weeks. 

The study proved that “ultra-processed diets cause excess calorie intake and weight gain.”The group consuming ultra-processed food took 508 more calories per day. This image explains why this one quick weight loss tip for unprocessed food can help you to reduce your weight.

organic weight loss tip

The study was conducted while developing some constants. There was no problem reported with the taste of the food. The number of calories, amounts of sugar, fiber, and macro-nutrients were maintained equally in both kinds of foods. 

It was interesting to observe that the group consuming processed food got 2 pounds of weight while the second group lost two pounds in the same period. 

# 1 Quick Weight Loss Tip is to Prefer Organic

The study was limited to processed and unprocessed diets. However, various other studies prove that our bodies are not used to the chemicals & pesticides that we take with conventional fruits, vegetables, and meat. 

Thus a quick weight loss tip is to prefer organic foods.

By: Saqib Ali Ateel

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